Reminder: Ontario’s Electronic Logging Device Mandate

Details of Ontario’s provincial Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate were communicated on November 1, 2021. This was done to outline requirements and criteria for commercial truck and bus carriers in Ontario. These changes make it mandatory for commercial motor vehicle drivers who operate within Ontario to use an ELD to record their hours of service.

To simplify operating requirements for Ontario carriers that operate both inside and outside of the province, Ontario’s ELD regulations closely match the federal ELD mandate and took effect for commercial truck carriers on June 12, 2022. Bus carriers who operate in Ontario only will be required to use a certified ELD as of July 1, 2023.

While requirements took effect for commercial truck carriers on June 12, 2022, Ontario has implemented an education and awareness period for both the provincial and federal ELD mandates through to January 1, 2023 (without penalties). This approach has been taken to support industry in the successful transition to ELDs and align with the enforcement approach of federal ELD mandates as advised by the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators.

As the conclusion of the education and awareness period, Ontario carriers continue to be advised:

  • The education and awareness period is a temporary measure.
  • To prepare and research device options and ensure that any ELD procured is a certified device as approved by Transport Canada.
  • To expect education and awareness of ELD requirements to be discussed during interactions with commercial vehicle enforcement (penalties will not be issued)
  • To be aware of the regulations and requirements of the provinces or territories where they will be operating (provinces and territories are responsible for enforcing the federal Commercial Vehicle Drivers Hours of Service Regulations).
  • Enforcement action will be taken following the conclusion of the education and awareness period on January 1, 2023, including charges and penalties for violations of federal and provincial ELD mandates

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