The Fleet Safety Council Featured on IHSA’s Safety Podcast

Members of the Fleet Safety Council (FSC) are all aware of the value the organization brings to its membership and in an effort to help spread the word more, FSC Joint Executive Chairperson Donna Bisch and IHSA’s Charlie Charalambous were featured on a recent episode of IHSA’s Safety Podcast. For more than 60 years, the Fleet Safety Council has worked to improve health and safety within the transportation, transport, bus, and coach industries. Our eight Ontario chapters meet regularly to share best practices, hear from guest speakers, network and support workers. It plays a vital role in promoting safety in the transportation industry.

In Episode 47 of the IHSA Safety Podcast, Donna Bisch and Charlie Charalambous discuss the Fleet Safety Council’s important work and how you can make a positive impact by joining a local chapter while sharing some of their history with the FSC.

Members are being asked to help promote the value of the FSC by sharing this Safety Podcast with your professional colleagues and encourage them to join the Network in 2023. For more information on the FSC please email

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