FSC 2021 Conference Sessions and Speaker Bios

The 30th Annual FSC Educational Conference includes the following sessions (click on the speaker name to read their bio):

Session: Everyday Resilience
Speaker: Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe
Session Description: This years keynote speaker Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe is an author, multi-award-winning psychology and education instructor who specializes in resiliency, navigating stress and change, and personal wellness in the workplace. In this presentation Dr. Hanley-Dafoe will provide practical strategies, grounded in global research and case studies that help foster resiliency within ourselves and others.

Session: Preparation and Planning
Speaker: Mario Da Silva
Session Description: Join Mario Da Silva, the Corporate Risk, Safety & Security Manager at Manitoulin Transport as he dives into cyber security and the critical importance of business continuity.

Session: Preparing for Economic Recovery:  Engaging and Preparing Your Workforce for a Post-Pandemic Workplace   
Speakers: Angela Splinter and Craig Faucette
Session Description: Angela Splinter(CEO) and Craig Faucette (Director, Policy and Programs) from Trucking Human Resources Canada will lead this engaging presentation on how the COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the way that we work as well as the impacts on our work and family obligations and our mental health. This session will discuss some of the best practices and considerations that will aid managers and employers as we prepare for the post pandemic workplace.

Session: 60 Minutes Panel
Panel Moderator: Michael Derry
Panel Description: Michael Derry (Senior Loss Prevention Consultant, Fleet with Intact Insurance) will lead an expert panel discussion as we delve into how the pandemic has affected the industry and the outlook for 2022. This expert panel will include representation from Kelly Henderson, (Executive Director, Trucking Human Resources Sector Council Atlantic), Michelle Roberts (Director, Stakeholder & Client Engagement, The Infrastructure Health and Safety Association), Mike Millian, (President, Private Motor Truck Council of Canada) and Sean Doussept (Manager, Carrier Sanctions and Investigations Office, MTO)

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Keynote Speaker: Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe

Everyday Resilience

Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe is a multi-award-winning psychology and education instructor who specializes in resiliency, navigating stress and change, and personal wellness in the workplace. Described as transformational, engaging, and thought-provoking, Hanley-Dafoe’s keynotes provide practical strategies, grounded in global research and case studies, that help foster resiliency within ourselves and others.

As the senior educational developer for the Centre for Teaching and Learning at Trent University, Hanley-Dafoe focuses on providing professional development for the teaching community and cultivating student engagement. She is committed to finding innovative solutions for creating positive learning relationships and environments for both students and teachers. Hanley-Dafoe has also been a psychology instructor and researcher at Trent for more than 13 years.

Hanley-Dafoe’s work is inspired by her interest in resiliency and wellness including the intersections of stress, optimal challenge, navigating change, goal-setting, and personal alignment.

Mario Da Silva

Preparation and Planning

Mario has been employed within the transportation industry since 1995 and has been involved in developing loss prevention and risk management programs for fleet safety, fleet insurance, cargo claims, workers compensation, security, and occupational health and safety. Mario is the Corporate Risk, Fleet Safety & Security Manager at Manitoulin Group of Companies.

Mario graduated from Sheridan College in the Loss Prevention program and in Computer Programming.  He obtained his Fellowship Risk Management designation through University of Toronto, obtained the Chartered Insurance Professional designation through the Insurance Institute of Canada and the Certified Director of Safety designation  through North American Transportation Management Institute.

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Angela Splinter

Preparing for Economic Recovery: Engaging and Preparing You Workforce for a Post-Pandemic Workplace

Angela Splinter leads Trucking HR Canada, a national not-for-profit organization dedicated to addressing the human resources challenges and opportunities in the trucking and logistics sector.  Before entering the trucking industry, Angela served in various senior management roles, and provided HR management consulting services to numerous industries. 

She is a frequent speaker at industry events in Canada and has also spoken internationally sharing industry best practices in HR.  She works closely with various associations, government departments and industry representatives to ensure employers have the skilled workforce needed for today and in the future.

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Craig Faucette

Preparing for Economic Recovery: Engaging and Preparing You Workforce for a Post-Pandemic Workplace

Craig Faucette is the Director, Policy and Programs for Trucking HR Canada, a national not-for-profit organization dedicated to addressing the human resources challenges and opportunities in the trucking and logistics sector.  Craig has spent his career in the charitable and non-profit where he has developed expertise in non-profit management, program development and management, and business development.  

As part of the Trucking HR Canada team, Craig oversees THRC’s projects and programs that aim to ensure employers have the skilled workforce needed to meet their business needs today and into the future.  He works with industry stakeholders to promote best HR practices within the trucking industry.

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Michael Derry

60 Minutes

Michael has been involved in safety, training and compliance in the transportation industry for over 30 years. He started as a driver and worked his way through to training and supervisory positions in Safety, Compliance and Risk Management. From basic transportation through to specialized multi axle over-dimensional cargo, his experience in the transportation industry as both a driver and a safety professional are the two main factors that shape his approach and attitude to transportation safety.  The improvements that he has made in every business that he has worked at attest to his skills and personality. Michael’s involvement in the trucking industry, safety associations (including over 23 years with the Fleet Safety Council) and real-life best practices for running a transport company made his transition to his current position as Senior Loss Prevention Consultant with Intact Insurance a natural one.

Michael is an avid snowmobiler and currently resides in Guelph with his amazing wife of 30 years, Sue-Anne.

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60 Minutes Industry Expert Panel

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Kelly Henderson: Kelly is the Executive Director of Trucking Human Resources Sector Council Atlantic (THRSC) and has been in the Trucking Industry for 28 years. Having started her career in the Industry at a leading private career college for the trucking industry in Atlantic Canada, it was a natural progression to move to the Council in 2004. Her work has focused in a variety of areas, including but not limited to, recruitment and retention, training standards, certifications and building human resource capacity in the trucking industry for over 28 years. Over the years she has received many industry awards and recognitions for her contributions to industry.

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Michelle Roberts: Michelle Roberts, Director of Stakeholder & Client Engagement with the Infrastructure Health & Safety Association (IHSA).  A passionate leader involved in occupational health and safety for over 20 years with experience managing fleets, driver training and compliance.  Committed to influencing improvements in prevention and education with the goal of ensuring safer roads for Ontario workers.  Through the past 12 years at IHSA, Michelle has been involved in providing transportation consulting services directly to industry firms, coordinating projects for solution development including training programs and employer tools for policy, procedures, safety talks and checklists.  Michelle is also the key industry rep with road safety stakeholders within the transportation sector, representing IHSA with system partners including the Ministry of Transportation on key initiatives on ELT enhancements, Certified Driver Instructor standards and community awareness programs like sharing the road safely with large commercial vehicles.  Michelle also provides overall leadership to strategic root causes workshops in the general trucking sector which is utilizes a “for the industry, by the industry” approach which most recently has focused on Distracted Driving, Driver Fatigue and Yard Safety.

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Mike Millian: Mike Millian is the President of the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada. Mike grew up on a beef farm in rural S.W. Ontario. He has been in the Transportation Industry for 31 years, starting as a driver for a Livestock hauler at the age of 18. At the age of 21 Mike went to work for a long Haul Refrigerated and general freight carrier and spent 5 years hauling freight in all 48 US Mainland States and 6 Canadian Provinces. The Carrier opened a Certified Driver Training School in 1998 and Mike came off the road to become one of the Schools First Certified Driver Trainers. In 2000 Mike Transitioned into Safety and Compliance for the Fleet, while still working part time as a Trainer for the School. In 2002 he moved over to a Private Fleet and became the Safety, Compliance, Maintenance & Training manager for the Hensall District Co-operative’s Commercial Trucking Fleet.  In January of 2015 Mike moved into the Trucking Association business and was named the President of the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada, where he remains in his current role.

Sean Doussept: Sean has more than 30 years of experience at three levels of government, Sean is a leader who values both being a public servant and the work of the public service for the people of Ontario.  Sean started his career in law enforcement has always found his career path leaning towards those opportunities that support and engage people on a daily basis. In his current role as both Deputy Registrar of Motor Vehicles and the Registrar of Shortline Railroads with the Ministry of Transportation, Sean works with underperforming transportation businesses to influence change and balances economic realities with government priorities and critical safety requirements.  The experience Sean brings to these roles allows the Ministry of Transportation to see contentious situations more holistically, apply the right resources and approaches and generate better outcomes for the government, the people of Ontario and the client being engaged. Sean leads a large team in the Carrier Sanctions and Investigations Office that brings together expertise and experience that ranges from Registered Professional Engineers to former Transportation Enforcement Officers to deliver the oversight of more than 60 000 carrier currently registered in Ontario.