About Us

About Us: The Fleet Safety Council (FSC) is an association of driver trainers and safety professionals working to promote safety within the transportation, transport, bus, and coach industries.

The Council encourages the improvement of driver behavior through increased awareness and training. Working with government agencies and private organizations, the Council strives for a uniform system of safety requirements for drivers in Ontario.

The Fleet Safety Council is open to all individuals concerned with promoting safety in the transportation industry. Current members include:

  • Driver Trainers
  • Directors of Safety
  • Labour safety personnel
  • Human Resource management
  • Individuals concerned with occupational health and safety
  • Various government agencies.

FSC Mission Statement: To promote health and safety within the transportation sector through network support and sharing of information resources, allowing us to have a strong voice in the industry.

If you want more input into the way safety is handled within the transportation industry, join us on the Fleet Safety Council. Chapter meetings are small, friendly, informative and fun.  Membership now tops over 600 members all across Ontario and annual corporate or individual membership costs are very low. Combined information and communication sources are very numerous and several tools (video libraries, Fatal Vision goggles, etc.) are available to Members. Specific experts are available at most meetings to advise members on the latest legal and regulatory aspects. Generally, Fleet Safety Council Members are the first in Canada to know of upcoming changes in the industry.

Please contact local chapters for membership information and meeting details.

History of the FSC:

In December of 1964 a small group of Commercial Driver Trainers got together at the Seaway Hotel, 2000 Lakeshore Blvd West in Toronto to discuss the forming of an organization to help improve driver safety among commercial drivers. Their interest was specifically driver safety for all, regardless of employer affiliation or business competition. Participants at that meeting were Bill Murray, Ken Hellawell, Ken Emery, Stan Bond and Len Wight.

A month later, 26 January 1965 the inaugural meeting of the Transportation Safety Association Council of Driver Trainers took place at the A.T.A. Office on Queens Quay, Toronto. Present at the first meeting were:

  • Bill Murray: Transportation Safety Association
  • Ken Hellawell: OK Express
  • Ken Emery: Canada Bread
  • Howard Winchester:  Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • Stan Bond: Smith Transport
  • Len Wight: City of Toronto
  • Vasile Hibovski: Weston Freight Lines

The original organization eventually took the form of the Toronto Chapter when break-away groups began to develop in various physical locations throughout the province for convenience of travel.  Expanding the membership, not only for location but also for vocation specialization such as school bus and municipal interests, various chapters began to develop across the province in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.

As the Council grew to including transportation specialists of various categories well beyond that of “driver trainer” the need arose for an organizational name change. At a meeting held in Kingston, Ontario on November 1st 2008 the official name of the association was changed to the Fleet Safety Council also referred to as the FSC. 

The FSC has been a long and effective learning tool for many practitioners of the safety industry. Monthly meetings at each chapter provide learning opportunities on a variety of safety, compliance, legal and operational topics. As well as the promotion of property, vehicular and injury avoidance, the Fleet Safety Council has saved participants and their employers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The first Ontario-wide multi-chapter conference was held in September 1991 in Peterborough, Ontario with (now retired police officer and current TV personality) OPP Constable. (later Sgt.) Cam Wooley as the keynote speaker.  Since then the annual function has expanded greatly to become the premier transportation safety conference in Canada with expert headliners from all over Canada and the US. It’s now a “must attend” for anybody in the transportation safety field.