Ottawa chapter moves to OSDC

The Ottawa chapter of the Fleet Safety Council is moving.

The chapter will now meet at IHSA’s new Ottawa Skills Development Centre.

Ottawa Skills Development Centre
2515 St. Laurent Blvd.,
Ottawa ON K1H 8P5

If you would like to learn more about this chapter or one of the others that meet across the province, visit the Chapter Information page.

Central Chapter addresses “Code Red” scenarios at their February meeting.

Fleet Safety Council examines six potential catastrophes

It was a busy day for members of the Central Ontario chapter of the Fleet Safety Council Feb. 14. They collectively dealt with a violent employee, the death of a senior executive, a serious crash involving an impaired truck driver, the breakout of a contagious illness, the complete destruction of a trucking company by tornado and a missing driver and load. All that before lunch. Click here for the full story!

Toronto FSC Chapter supports OTA Stakeholder Strategic Review Committee re MELT

At the January 21st, 2016 meeting of the Fleet Safety Council Toronto Chapter, the members carried a motion to support the Ontario Trucking Association and the Stakeholder Strategic Review Committee that it is important, for the mandatory entry level training standard (MELT) to achieve its desired goal, that:

  • The MTCU standard is consistent with and reflective of the National Occupational Standard for truck drivers;
  • The learning outcomes and performance objectives are competency-based, measurable and observable.
  • It be recognized that the point of graduation or “end point” of the MELT process is the when the competency level achieved is sufficient for the candidate driver to pass the MTO written and practical commercial driver’s license test.

The Toronto FSC Chapter shares the joint concern that the MTCU draft standard as currently written, does not meet the above criteria and requires a significant amount of work and revision before it would form a basis for the desired improvement in the quality of truck driver training sought by the introduction of mandatory entry level training.

Logikor driver named FSC Central Region Chapter Driver of the Year

Darcy Kells, a company driver with Logikor, was named the Fleet Safety Council’s Central Region Chapter Driver of the Year recently. Click here to read the full story

Hamilton / Niagara Chapter

Contact: Brad Bird: 905-625-0100 / 1-800-263-5024 ext 8427

Location: Christian Labour Association of Canada Building, South Service Road, Grimsby, Ontario (corner of Christie Street and South Service Road)

Date: Last Thursday of each month

Time: 9:00am

Membership: $50


Sudbury Chapter

Contact: Andrew Tefft: (613) 293-6730


Location: Northbury Hotel, Sudbury, Ontario

Date: Quarterly

Time: 9:00am

Southern Ontario Chapter (Windsor)

Contact: Melanie Whittier: 519-766-3089 / 1-800-263-5024 ext 8476


Location: Knights of Columbus, 20 Dupuis Street, Tilbury, Ontario

Date: Second Wednesday of each month

Time: 9:30am

Membership: $50

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