PMTC: US and Canadian Land Border Vaccination Requirements for Essential Travelers Survey Request

The Canadian and US governments have both recently announced that essential travelers, including truck drivers, must be fully vaccinated to enter their countries via the land border. For those entering Canada, the policy is set take effect on January 15th, and for those entering the US, it will take effect on January 22nd.

The Private Motor Truck Council of Canada (PMTC) has been lobbying to have this policy reversed for the Trucking Industry, or at the very least, delayed, as they believe it will have major effects on the supply chain between the two countries. The PMTC is looking to inform government with hard data and are requesting your help to do so.

Please take a moment and complete this following survey which will remain open until end of day on Sunday November 28th.  All survey results will remain confidential, and data will be combined.

Vaccination Status Survey

Supply Chain Recovery Working Group Survey

The Federal and Provincial Government of B.C. have formed a Supply Chain Recovery Working Group to help support supply chain restoration for the province. A survey has been developed to help inform what area’s need to be focused on, what the critical needs/products are, and impediments that may be there. If you do business in B.C., supply a product or service into or out of B.C., the group needs to hear your views.

The recent Atmospheric Event in BC has severely damaged transportation infrastructure in the province, with critical impacts on rail, road, and pipeline logistics. While railways are beginning to operate, and some highways are opened on a limited basis and work is underway on the TransMountain pipeline, the fragility of the infrastructure will be an ongoing concern.  The movement of essential goods has been disrupted and there may be both short-term and sustained impacts to volumes over normal routes. As such, there could be a sustained need to divert good movement from road to rail or marine.

The working group is requesting help in completing this survey and asking stakeholders to rationalize what are considered their priorities relative to and within the context of national, provincial, and regional interests given limited capacities in the system in the immediate timeframe.

Here is the Link to Essential and Priority Goods Movement survey which should take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

Government of Canada Announces Adjustments to Border and Travel Measures

In a sweeping announcement November 19th, the federal government has announced that beginning January 15th 2022, only double vaccinated people will be able to enter Canada, this includes essential workers such as Truck Drivers. This has been done to match up with the U.S. announced requirement to allow only double vaccinated travelers to enter the US. A final date for this requirement to enter the U.S. has yet to be provided.

Vaccination Requirements for Essential Cross-border Transportation Workers

As of January 15, 2022, certain groups of travelers who are currently exempt from entry requirements, including most essential service providers (such as truck drivers) will only be allowed to enter the country if they are fully vaccinated with one of the vaccines approved for entry into Canada.

Until January 15, 2022, the current border rules and exemptions for essential cross-border road transportation workers remain unchanged, with the exception of a new ArriveCAN element that will be introduced on November 30th.

Full details are included in the News Release: Government of Canada announces adjustments to Canada’s border measures

New ArriveCAN Functionality

As of November 30, 2021, all exempt essential service providers will be required to identify their vaccination status in ArriveCAN, regardless of whether or not they are allowed to enter as unvaccinated. ArriveCAN will prompt them to provide details on their vaccine(s), including manufacturer, country received and date received, and to upload their proof of vaccination.

If an exempt essential traveller previously created a reusable ArriveCAN receipt, they will be required to either download the latest version of the free ArriveCAN mobile app or sign in to the web version after November 30, 2021, and re-submit all of their information, including the newly required information on proof of vaccinations, to get a new exempt reusable ArriveCAN receipt. Once an exempt traveller creates a new reusable receipt, the receipt can be used for subsequent trips.

Until January 15, 2022, if an exempt essential traveller is not vaccinated, they will still be able to get an ArriveCAN receipt. After January 15, 2022, they must be fully vaccinated to get an ArriveCAN receipt. As of this date, most travellers who are currently exempt from quarantine will need to be fully vaccinated to enter Canada. They will also be required to upload their proof of vaccination in ArriveCAN.

Full details from the Public Health Agency of Canada can be found here:

Complete and detailed information about the requirements for travel to and within Canada can be found here: