2016 Fleet Safety Council – 25th Annual Educational Conference Another Outstanding Success

enzoThe change from weekend to one-day format for the Fleet Safety Council’s Annual Educational Conference appears to have really hit a bulls-eye with another sellout event at in 2016.  Nearly 200 delegates jammed the Conference Centre at CHSI and enjoyed a worthwhile day of information from several outstanding speakers who addressed the Council’s 25th Annual Educational Conference who covered a wide variety of topics as follows:


(Session I) The Changing Landscape of Motor Vehicle Incident Protocols

The first component of the conference consisted of a three part session that addressed the technological aspects that can assist with accident prevention from Hernan Median of Lytx, followed by an enlightening address on Handling the new world of 24/7 multimedia. The session was capped off with a look at the impact a fatality with a real life story behind the numbers and reveals the devastating impact of workplace tragedies on families, co-workers, managers and the community.



Hernan Medina (Director of Enterprise Sales Lytx/Drive Cam) dsc_0595

Hernan Medina provide our audience with some great insight around Driver behavior modification with Video Safety Technology. Click here for a look at his presentation

Dr. Terry Flynn – McMaster University

dsc_0597Dr. Flynn delivered an insightful and informative presentation on the new world of 24/7 media, the impact it is having on individuals and organizations. Click here for a look at this presentation.


Threads for Life Lorna Catrambone)

Lorna Catrambone provided a different perspective with a look at the impact a fatality.  With some insight on a real life story behind the numbers, Lorna revealed the devastating impact a workplace tragedy can have on families, co-workers, managers and the community.dsc_0602

Threads of Life is a national registered Canadian charity dedicated to supporting families after a workplace fatality, life-altering injury or occupational disease. Their network of family members and corporate partners believe traumatic workplace injuries, occupational diseases and deaths are preventable. Click here for a look at this presentation.

(Session II) What can your workplace do to prevent and help those with mental health issues?

Nitika Rewari (Mental Health Commission of Canada)dsc_0625

Nitika Rewari discussed the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace (Standard).   This is currently a voluntary program across the country and Canada is one of the first countries to implement something of this nature.  Nitika walked our delegates through the standard and its benefits. Click here for a look at this presentation.

 (Session III)  Relieving Stress with Humour (Judy Croon)dsc_0669

The keynote presenter at the 2016 Annual Conference was Judy Croon.  Judy is a comedian, motivational speaker, radio host, Second City stand up coach and author. She has worked with many celebrities including; Jon Stewart, Lewis Black, Robert Klein and Joan Rivers. Her specials have appeared on NBC, CBS, CTV and The Comedy Network.

Judy Croon was a fantastic, effective and entertaining addition to our annual educational conference. Her delivery was funny, engaging and educational for all of our conference delegates.


(Wheel-Separations and Keeping Your Wheels On)

As promised this session provided a valuable insight into wheel separation events, addressed common myths about wheel installation and looked at the root causes of wheel-offs. Our two subject matter experts in this area provided some valuable information on the root causes and preventative measures that can be taken eliminate these types of events.

ii) Sgt. Scott Parker – Ontario Provincial Police Highway Safety Divisiondsc_0695

Sgt. Parker is a designated commercial motor vehicle inspector and a dangerous goods inspector and has investigated numerous Wheel Separation events. Sgt. Parker provided some detailed insight into Wheel-off incidents along with some interesting statistical data, causation details, legislation and prevention measures. Click here for a look at Sgt. Parker’s presentation.

ii) Dave McDonald – Dave McDonald Bridgestone Commercial Solutions; CVWS Instructor.


Dave McDonald has been an active Certified CVWS instructor for the past 12 years and is very active in Fleet and Dealer training from a sales and maintenance perspective and has conducted numerous Pre-trip, Alignment and wheel related Workshops. At this session Dave reviewed Ontario regulations covering CVWS – who can/can’t; Root causes of wheels offs; Common myths surrounding wheel installation; Top five common mistakes in the shop and the field; What to watch for by the shop/service providers; and finished off with a look at available training. Click here for a look at Dave McDonald’s presentation.

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