Call for Volunteer Commercial Carrier Companies: Research Study

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, and Ryerson University are conducting a naturalistic driving study to learn more about the road safety impact of new in-vehicle technologies and electronic device use by commercial drivers and they are looking for volunteer companies to participate.

By participating in this study, your organization will help to provide some insight on sources of distraction within commercial vehicles during a period of rapid technological change. Subsequently, this will allow Ontario to tailor its policies and education programs to maintain road user safety without placing unnecessary burden on businesses. Additionally, results may also provide insight into the safety benefits or risks associated with in-vehicle technologies, including various advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

Company Criteria: For this study they are looking to recruit a small number of volunteer commercial carriers that operate at least some portion of their fleet entirely within Canada, and that employ their own team of mechanics/technicians.

For more details, additional Q&A and contact information for those interested in participating please download the PDF below.

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