ELD Regulation Change Update

The Ministry of Transportation has announced that amendments to Ontario Highway Traffic Act (HTA) Regulation 555/06 (Hours of Service) have been approved and will come into force on June 12, 2022. These changes will make it mandatory for commercial motor vehicle drivers who operate within Ontario to use an Electronic Logging Device (ELDs) to record their Hours of Service (HoS). Drivers of commercial motor vehicles who are currently required to maintain a daily log will be required to use a certified ELD.

To simplify operating requirements for Ontario’s commercial truck and bus carriers that operate both inside and outside of the province, Ontario’s ELD mandate closely matches the federal ELD mandate and will take effect for commercial truck carriers on June 12, 2022. This date aligns with the rollout of ELD enforcement for federally-regulated commercial truck and bus carriers.

Bus carriers who operate within Ontario only will be required to use a certified ELD as of July 1, 2023.

Changes to Ontario’s regulations specify which vehicles are subject to the new rules and which vehicles are exempt.

ELDs are used to support the current Hours of Service (HOS) requirements. Ontario’s ELD requirements closely match Transport Canada’s, including:

  • No change to the current drivers that are required to follow HOS
  • No change to the current drivers that are required to carry and maintain a daily logbook
  • No change to the current HOS limits, and
  • ELDs are required to be certified to meet the requirements of the Canadian Council of Motor Transportation Administrators Technical Standard and be listed on Transport Canada’s list of certified devices.

You can view the amendments to Ontario regulations on e-Laws that come into effect June 12, 2022:

For more information, please visit:

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