Class A Manual Transmission Restriction in Ontario Begins July 1st, 2022

Effective July 1, 2022, drivers must complete their Class A or Class A restricted (AR) road test in a vehicle with a manual transmission that consists of at least eight forward gears with a high-low range or a restriction will be placed on their license. Drivers with restrictions cannot operate Class A/AR vehicles with a manual transmission in Ontario and will only be permitted to operate automatic, semi-automatic or automated-manual transmission Class A/AR vehicles.

Please note that a motor vehicle is considered to have a manual transmission if it has:

  • A driver-operated clutch that is activated by a pedal or lever, or
  • A driver operated gear-shift mechanism (operated by hand or foot and does not use the assistance of automation)

The restriction will be placed on the driver record and driver’s license. This restriction does not apply to the operation of lower-class vehicles such as Class G or D.

This restriction does not apply to anyone who completed their Class A/AR road test before July 1, 2022, however if someone is required by the Province to complete a class A road test after July 1st 2022, for any reason, and the test is completed in an auto shift vehicle, they will receive a restriction on their license, regardless of how long they may have previously had a class A license.

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